Monday, October 20, 2008

Lost In Kogarah

Yet again E@L ignores the crumbling financial world and the slide into despair of millions of desperate but worthy-of-our-taxes-and-sympathy millionaires to focus on his-own-good-self.

Here in Sydney, being a millionaire won't help you get much of a harbour view, but it could get you a car with GPS.

E@L skimped on this key/luxury feature when he booked his rental and therefore spent the a good 90 minutes this morning looking for the St George Hospital. Easy to find - big building in Kogarah a suburb in the south of Sydney, you can't miss it, right? Well maybe YOU can't miss it but for E@L such a feat comes easily. E@L lived for 2 years in Sydney - Parramatta actually, way out West - and knows this Syndey place like, like... my god, is that the back of his hand?

Firstly he was looking for the sign pointing to Highway 1 as he tootles South, or was that West, from the city at 7am. He was supposed to be there at 8am. Going against the main traffic flow meant it was easy driving and he planted his foot. By 7:20 all the signs were highlighting the pleasures of Parramatta's key social events. Do'h! Western suburbs! He'd channeled his past and missed the turn-off to the Princes Highway (Hwy 1) (must be coming up SOON) and was 15km out of touch. He dropped a U-ey and found himself in a massive jam in city-bound traffic. Do'h!

Eventually he got to City Rd - that's right you tourist, City Rd takes you to the Princes Highway eventually - and took a right. Just stay on this road, you can't miss it. On the right somewhere... Again the traffic is easy and the road unfamiliar and the signage sparse (everyone else knows where they are going here) and before you know it E@L is crossing the bridge at Sylvania... Hey there wasn't meant to be a bridge on his brief scouring of the map. Way too South.

Again a U-turn and again city-bound traffic. Do'h! He tries to txt a message to his contact but it doesn't go. Finally he get's through on the speaker phone to apologize - five to ten minutes he promises.

Eventually, 25 minutes later, E@L get's there: at 8:45. Luckily there is only one-student for him this morning. She understands, jet-lag, unfamiliarity with the roads, no GPS, stupidity.

No, no, it's the drugs.

Tomorrow the training is for 26 nurses and it starts at 7:30am.

What time do you think he should set off?



Unknown said...

One would think that you should leave earlier than Monday but chances are you did, you didn't get lost, the traffic was going the opposite direction (as it should) and you are there insanely early. Right???
And people wonder why we left Sydney...

expat@large said...

Right, right, right, but right on time...

Bloody Sydney is nothing but back-streets...

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