Friday, October 17, 2008

Chrome Crashes Vista on Parallels Desktop

BTW - two weeks ago, I attempted to access a blog page of mine with Google Chrome running on my Parallels Desktop implementation of Vista on OpenSpaces screen 4 and, whoopsies, I was already logged on to that page on Firefox which was running at the same time on the MacOS-X over there on OpenSpaces screen 1.

It so totally crashed Vista... I just get a completely blank screen now whenever I try to run Parallels Desktop. I'll have to reinstall the whole original disk image and reinstall all the programs... What a pain. Man that is SUCH a fucking nuisance - I had just spent a day setting up my personal finance accounts with MS-Money2008.

Personal finance software on the Mac SUCKS major big-time.

Seriously, I am thinking of selling this iMac and getting a better monitor for the old IBM-PC which is just sitting there still. Unfortunately, the version of MS-Money I "bought" for that umpteen years ago in Shenzen cannot be upgraded to Money2008, or even Money2002. It is about the only version that cannot - an International Version with USD NOT set as home currency. Of course that would be the blighted version that *I* own... Sigh...

And also of course, had I bought the REAL versions I could call the HELP desk.

OK really, I am going to bed now. Really I am.


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