Saturday, February 12, 2011

Readen Riten and Religen




knobby said...

they did a separate post on literacy vs religiosity a while back that was absolutely hilarious. can't find it now. seen it?

expat@large said...

Got this from Izzy I think,so haven't exactly trawled the site... Let us know if you find it!

Tom said...

It's at the end of the "Stuff White People Like" post

expat@large said...

Tom: that's where I got this graphic from. But is there another?

Tom said...

Oh. Maybe not then. They re-published this graph at the end of their latest post, so that's where I thought you'd taken it from. Factoid snippet: if somebody on OKCupid is OK with bad spelling and grammar, then the odds of him/her being at least moderately religous are slightly better than two to one.

As they say, compared to intelligent design, what's a couple of typos?

expat@large said...

A) its not desgined and B) i'ts not interligant.

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