Friday, February 25, 2011

What The Japanese Were Doing With Whale Blubber


Fake women*: a vast improvement over the traditional blow-up doll. Although with these ones, the whale blubber will eventually rot and dissolve into a puddle of stinking fat. However, this fat can be rendered into an oil that will be an excellent lubricant for your new one next year/month/week. That is, if there are any whale girls next year, thanks to the Japanese giving up on their "research".

* Not to be confused with a real woman.


*NOTE -The next link is NSSPWHO. (Not Safe For Sane People at Work, Home or Otherwise.)


Is this where the idea for the Emiko, the self-aware sex toy in The Wind-up Girl came from?


E@L is concerned that Super-Joyce, his part-time house-tidier might not be there when the delivery man comes, so he's having his sent to the new office. As he might be travelling, he'll address her to his new boss.

The rather explicitly silicone video above is also an excellent illustration of why Japanese men fail to elicit more than a series of squeaks (that indicate feigned resistance) when doing these weird and wonderful things to their ladies' breasts. (Love the giant thumb-squash upwards. Gotta hurt!)



HKMacs said...

Scary stuff indeed, E@L!! Methinks you spend too much time on the intertubes!

expat@large said...

Links to the silicone women were sent to me by a Japanese colleague. What was HE doing is my question.

Skippy-san said...

Reading the advert in Japanese, it would appear 50 bucks would by you a fake woman. That's not exactly a good trade off vis a vis real hookers.

But then again, they won't clean out your mini-bar in your hotel.

expat@large said...

Skip: are you sure the $50 isn't for a replacement vulva?

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