Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Ascent of Awareness

When I was 15-25 years old, I thought I was a fucking genius.

When I was 25-50 years old I acted like I WAS a fucking genius.

When I was 50, till now, I have reminisced on I what a fucking idiot I was, in fact, from 15-50 and that, I have realised, no-one was fooled.

From 50 till now, I am constantly reinforcing the fact that I am still a fucking idiot.


Just keep your mouth shut,



anthony said...

no comment.

expat@large said...

meekly, hahaha, I meant to say merely! LOL!

expat@large said...

soixanteneuf: you were never fooled

rockstar69 said...


I'm sure at some point I considered you a genius, or at least quite bright!!!

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