Friday, February 04, 2011

Root : My Other Bumper Sticker Is Intellingent (sic)

Transcript of the text at the end of the video:

My other ATm is never out of order

My other shopping trolley has four straight wheels

My other surf beach doesn't have an undertow

My other queue never gets larger as soon as I join it

My other everything happens for a reason

My other religion doesn't kill

My other inanimate object is never called sexy

My other wage covers my cost of living

My other journalist isn't coincidentally hot-looking

My other pharmaceutical company would market a cure for cancer even if it meant a loss of profit

My other culture of continuous improvement brings with it a culture of continuous payrise

My other car manufacturers develop an automated in-car system that activates the moment the driver exhibits road-rage tendencies and administers a massive and instantaneous laxative

My other celebrity-fixated world treats movie writers, not actors, as deity

My other me doesn't want to find the so obviously male "ideas person" responsible for the insurance ad where the girl eyelash-flutteringly manipulates her boyfriend into popping the big question purely because she lusts Gollum-like after an expensive engagement ring, and stab their eyes out Oedipus-like with a ball point pen

My other self-actualisation authors, consultants, seminar presenters and "ideas people" are hooked up to a 12 volt car battery and given a short, relatively harmless but nonetheless nasty shock to the genital region every time they make a cent of profit

My other world is not full of people creating entire careers based around the description, annotation, charting, organization, graphical representation, implementation-framework constructions, Gannt (sic) chart work flow delegation functionality pathway facilitation of work, but not doing the actual work itself, whilst, as result of their actions, simply adding tasks to the people who are supposed to be doing the actual work, without giving them any extra time in their day to do it, but attaching a heavily-implied performance assessment importance to these tasks, thereby causing them to become more stressed, squeeze the actual work-time down to a minimum, and do a worse job, which in turn will bring more distracting and irrelevant performance measurement tasks down on them , thus initiating a vicious cycle of pointlessness which could make them all first up against the wall when the revolution comes…

that is, if the revolution didn't bring in a consultant.

Here for the lyrics.




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Dick Headley said...

Just been catching up on your blog. Great to see you hanging in there....keep on skiing....Dick.

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