Friday, February 04, 2011

Good Advice

A typographer talks intelligently about font design (duh!) and music and the space between letters and how bad government forms are (please someone put him in charge of designing immigration and customs forms! The Australian one is the best in the world btw) and ends up with the following nicely put and impassioned advice (at 12:32):

You can't become a good designer [or anything] by staying at home and looking at one book. You've got to be out; a) talk to other people; travel, because there's nothing better than realizing that 200kms from your door things are different. Because you live in wherever you live, whether it's Berlin or New York or the middle of nowhere or the suburbs of Beijing, things are different if you move out and that's the first thing when you're 21, oh my god, you know, it doesn't have to blue, it doesn't have to be square, it can be different.

Read as much as you can, listen to as much as you can, travel as much as you can, meet as many people as you can. Just gather all the shit for years and years and when you think your head is almost full, then you start over 'cause your head is very, very empty.


Thanks to an FB post(!!) from Izzy


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