Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Updates Are Available

Hands up if you are sick of computers and programmes updating all the freaking time.

I lost 3 hrs of important work a few weeks ago because I went to lunch and left the pewter running - it automatically downloaded an update and rebooted while I was gone. Tofo! I learned my lesson (twice - for some reason I had Powerpoint's auto-save feature turned off, what a dumb-ass) and have restricted the Austomatic Updates to notify but NOT to download until I confirm, so that I have to press a button before it installs the updates. At least that's how it's supposed to work on my Laptop. However once it's installed the update, it automatically reboots in 10 minutes unless I tell it to wait.

It's just that these updates are SOOoooo frequent! And being a fucking idiot with too much money, I have a) my work laptop, b) my home iMac, which also is running c) Vista under Parallels, and now d) my little Netbook. That's four operating systems that are constantly in need of tuning up, not to mention all the other programmes and bejesus, mother-fucking iTunes which updates everytime someone cracks its security features which is at least once a week. I have three installations of that prick of a programme.

Everytime I turn one of my pewters on it will be after a certain period of hibernation, right, because I've probably been using one of the others, say I haven't been in the office for a few days as I've been out with customers, so when I tuen on my work Laptop... it's PING "Updating You Software - system will need to reboot after intallation!" And other 20mins goes by.

And then I go home, boot up Parallels (I use Microsoft Money on it but only once or twice a month to update my financial comedy) and it happens again... PING "Udpates Are Being Installed"... Something on the iMac will need updates once or twice a week as well, often iTunes!

On the weekend I grab my Netbook to sit in a coffee shop in order to write the Great Expat Novel... PING "Updates Are Available"... and it starts all over again.

It's a constant cycle. Neverending. You just wish they'd got it right first time.



Anonymous said...

Tell me about it! I just wasted couple of hours this morning waiting for the comp. to sort itself up and making do with VERY SLOW processing speed with it updates itself with Adobe, Windows, name it.

makes you got "WTF", but what to do, grit your teeth, curse and swear silently, and wait. Typical Singaporean, I know.

Michael McClung said...

For the writing- do it on a machine that DOES NOT have internet capability. No updates, and no skiving either. That's how I got thagoth finished by my deadline.

expat@large said...

No-one really thinks I'm writing anything other than Facebook brain-farts do they?

Dick Headley said...

You are far too modest E@L. I hang on your every word.

Admin said...

Interested in hearing about the novel you're writing. I wrote one too - you can find at A scary piece.

Great blog - I followed your link from the TP blog and found you quite entertaining. My nieces and nephews read my blog so I can't jack it up to high-octane like I want to. Glad you are though.

expat@large said...

Thanks Vern. The novel is a head-piece, a furphy. If I got sacked tomorrow I might get started on it, but I said that in 2003 just before I did get sacked last time. I sat on my arse for 6 months watching porn.

Thanks for dropping by and for the nice supportive comments. I try. Actually I don't, it just comes out that way.

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