Monday, November 16, 2009

Dr Lim Hock Sie, Nearly 20 years a Political Prisoner in Singapore,

Dr Lim was a political detainee in Singapore, held uncharged and often in isolation, for 19 years and 8 months... and Singapore has the gall to criticize others on human rights issues?

This is him speaking out at a book launch (by Said Zahari, another long-term detainee) in Johor Bahru on Saturday, I believe.

Shot and subtitled by Martyn See at SingaporeRebel.


From a statement Dr Lim released in 1972, when being offered release if met several unreasonable demands:

Special Branch - You must concede something so that Lee Kuan Yew would be in a position to explain to the public why you had been detained so long. Mr Lee Kuan Yew must also preserve his face. If you were to be released unconditionally, he will lose face.

Dr Lim Hock Siew - I am not interested in saving Lee Kuan Yew's face. This is not a question of pride but one of principle. My detention is completely unjustifiable and I will not lift a single finger to help Lee Kuan Yew to justify the unjustifiable. In the light of what you say, is it not very clear that I have lost my freedom all these long and bitter years just to save Lee Kuan Yew's face? Therefore the P.A.P. regime's allegation that I am a security risk is a sham cover and a facade to detain me unjustifiably for over 9 years.


Fucking scary stuff. Libertarians I have met love this place; I can't for the life of me see why.



Momentary Madness said...

How can people be so strong?
The world needs real justice.
(I can't stand that (part of the world) place, it makes me shiver)

expat@large said...

This guy is one tough cookie. Respect.

Around the corner in Burma, people are disappearing like it was the Russian gulag. In Thailand, someone (usually an out of work soldier or policeman) will be happy to shoot you dead for USD$2,000.

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