Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Close Call

...for our Pakistani distributor, Qualitron Corporation (see the blue sign?)

Here I am giving training to our Asia/Middle-East contingent in Bangkok and the Pakistani team are not in the group. This time they did not come - for whatever reason - but stayed behind to work. Fortunately for those of them in the Rawalpindi branch, business is brisk and many were out seeing customers on Monday.

A suicide bomber detonated himself just outside their building, killing 36 people, injuring dozens more and destroying much of Qaulitron's office. Several company cars and motorcycles were destroyed and several machines that were in the office for repairs were crushed.

No-one on the company's staff was injured. Lucky.

I can't believe I wrote that. LUCKY??


For years the guys have been asking me to come to Pakistan to give them direct training and to visit customers and I (and my various bosses) have been extremely hesitant - to the point of outright refusal.

"It's safe where we are, no bombs there..." they were always saying. Until lately.

E@L nods, "Yeah, right."


This increasing destability in Pakistan is making it damned hard to do business there.


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