Thursday, November 05, 2009

Folk Use - Flesh Eating Zombie Drug Reaction? Or Paranoia?

"Folk use all very vare much."


Can't stop giggling about this French lecturer during the seminar I was at last week. Not his fault that he's a Frog, I realize - it's his fucking mere and pere's fault - but he kept pronouncing "focus", as in "Move ze focus of ze beam [yes, ultrasound beams have a focal range, like a light camera does, but... different] to ze dip-air putt, zen to ze ne-air putt."

OK, so he pronounced 'the' as 'ze' too, and said 'dip air-putt' instead of 'deeper part', my French, tray atrocy-mon too, but what cracked me up was the way he said 'focus'...

I kept hearing it as "Fuck you's", like he was doing a De Niro impersonation.

- Fuck you's!

- No, fuck YOU's!

- Hey! Fuck you's, mudderfolker!

OK, it also sounded like 'folk use'.

All day, for three days. So funny. Even when they were doing some scanning on cadavers (and no disrespect to those who donate their bodies for medical experiments is implied here either - you might have me scanning you post mortem!) to practice inserting needles into the jugular (and other) veins under ultrasound control (hey, my GP needs that, the inaccurate bitch!), it was "fuck you's" this, "fuck you's" that!

Ah dear...


On another more serious and a more scary note, the tablets I am currently trying are called Lamictal. They don't seem to be doing much as far as pain is concerned, but at least they are not counteracting my standard tablets (Lyrica) as the Remeron did, leaving me effectively non-doped for a week or two - not a pretty sight.

One of the rare side effects of Lamictal sounds pretty nasty - Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. Some bad words there. Some scary words. Toxic. Necro. Lysis.

TEN affects many parts of the body, but it most severely affects the mucous membranes, such as the mouth, eyes, and vagina. The severe findings of TEN are often preceded by 1 to 2 weeks of fever. These symptoms may mimic those of a common upper respiratory tract infection.

OK, I know what you're thinking. I am 1/3 less likely to get this problem than a female... Sharpen up, dudes, this IS nasty!

It is basically your standard flesh falling-off in great swathes of type disease. Think fast-acting leprosy, mixed with zombiedom and flesh eating bacteria, all in one convenient reaction to a tablet...

Mortality is 30-40%. 'S ok, I PROBABLY don't have it...


When some conjunctivitis came up not so suddenly today, after a week of sniffles, guess who just threw the tablets in the bin?


(So if there are no posts for a while, please excuse me while the decaying putrid flesh falls from my bones until I die [and I'll donate my body for ultrasound experiments].

On the upside, I won't be needing a costume to play D&D with MercerMachine it seems.

Folk use for listening.)


Spike said...

I know I'm probably wrong here.

But every time I read these posts about your ongoing health issues, I wonder if you wouldn't be better off somehow traveling less so that you could stay home and focus in on this stuff a bit more?

Dick Headley said...

Well blogging seems to be dying. Feels like the crest of a wave. Not sure what I mean by that.

expat@large said...

Spike: I should folk use on what stuff exactly? I'd be on your doorstep looking for a place ot live if I didn;t travel. To tickee no shirtee for this job, gotta travel. But what happens if my eyeball explodes!

Lucky I just picked up a Bunuel collection, including L'Age D'Or, in BKK on the weekend.

DH: that wave broke about 18 months ago I'd say. More like it's the undertoad sucking us crusty Asian bloggers back out to sea...

You and Spike are bout the only people who read blogs anymore. I don't read others' btw, I'm too busy rereading my own, correcting the 100,000,000 typos in each post.

Spike said...

Well, one stray thought, you get some new medication from a doctor, then you jump on a plane, it's 3 weeks till you can get back to that doctor and report on the results and try something new. That can't be good. You have to stay with that job? If they can't accommodate you a bit after all you've done for them, there are no other jobs in the world?

expat@large said...

Spike - well yes thst may be the issue for this one as I HAD run out and was not able to top up for a few days till I got to a pharangacist on Sukhomvit.

Re: job. I need one that gives me high disposable income, but not so high as to become disposable myself next round of job cuts... plus fuck my skill set is incredibly narrow - if someone invents a new safer x-ray thingummie, I'm as fucked as a typesetter. And anyway I don't speak Japanese so there's nothing at head office for me.

Retirement is my fave option. Just a few more years I was thinking and then... fuck! the GFC!

Dick Headley said...

DH: that wave broke about 18 months ago I'd say. More like it's the undertoad sucking us crusty Asian bloggers back out to sea...

I don't know. Perhaps blog time moves backwards and we're all going back to our roots?

Spike said...

Your skillset is wider and deeper than you realize, you just haven't spent a lot of time thinking about it. You can teach, you can sell, you can do client relationship management, probably a few dozen more options that you could come up with if you took some time

expat@large said...

DH: Perhaps. (checks watch) Perhaps not.

Spike: it is my self-promotion skills that are most severely lacking, that is for sure.

Michael McClung said...

meh. Been trying to comment for days, but the site kept hanging on some widget or app or other. Now I can't remember what I wanted to say.

By the way, my word verification is 'rearse'. My kindom for a hyphen!

expat@large said...

MM: thanks for sharing your incompetence and Alzheimers with us. Move along.

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