Sunday, November 08, 2009

Coffee-Shops and Reading

I have to get out more if I am to read more. This sounds like an oxymoron, but I mean I REALLY have to get out of my apartment to read.

I have my comfy leather recliner chair and a choice of two-seater couches (one also leather, one in chronic need of re-upholstery) but on them I fall asleep in two and half pages. So I put a book or two in my man-bag ("dude, it's a purse") and I have to go to the coffee-shop. Spinellis by preference, although Coffee-Bean and Starbucks will do*. I just can't seem to read in my flat, despite its thousands of books, unless Izzy is on the (decrepit) couch reading/writing/studying too. It's too quiet. I need a background humming with the white-noise of other people's activity, I need people to ignore.

Where's the fun of entering another world if you're not firstly physically enveloped in this one? What is there to escape?


* Here we would need to blog about the relative qualities of Frappuccinos, Ice Blendeds and Spins, but that is not at the level of this blog. We have not yet sunk so low in desperation. Not yet.


Indiana said...

So are you reading in that coffee shop or are you blogging?

expat@large said...

I WAS reading... until Izzy came and joined me!

Now I am blogging from the Pump Room... It was either beer and blogging or home and gym.

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