Friday, July 31, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round

E@L was looking closely at the iMac monitor as he pressed Publish on the Blogger page. Fucking shopping malls.

Then he sat back in his chair, as you do when you feel your neck starting to seize up and it was as if someone had pulled a switch in his brain. His visualisation of the position of the computer monitor incredibly stayed where it was, then a pause, and it rocked into its new, correct location... and there was this weird sensation, as if his brain was sliding within the confines his skull... Woah!

He turned to look to left and the same visual delay occurred, the same sensation of a sliding brain. It was like those shots on TV or movies when the person in the shot leans forward and grabs the camera to shake it. Certain scenes in Fightclub for example, when the frame jumps, only in really... slow... motion...

about 2:29 into this cool mash-up

E@L thought he knew what this was straight away...

He tried to stand. Getting up he felt the floor rocking underneath his feet, like a slow motion wobble-board. He began to lean slightly to the left and had to hold onto the frame of his sleigh-bed. Wow. Every movement he made strengthened the sensation of his room having a viscous liquidity. It wasn't a severe effect, only slightly different from normal, but still enough to be frightening.

He moved to the bathroom, walking on jello, and sat down. He peed, and thought "What the hell is going on?" It's only vertigo... He worried that if nausea came with this he might be up-loading his medications to the toilet...

Vertigo. That ear infection he had had a fortnight ago had probably not cleared up entirely and there was some residual gunk in his semicircular canals.

Back at the computer, he Wiki'd 'vertigo' and checked out some manoeuvres to make it go away... But watching the monitor was a little awkward too, like reading in a car. He decided it was best to go to bed and try to sleep it off...

Then, somehow internally, in his consciousness, he felt a brief blast of something unclicking, undoing, sliding like a liquid zipper, and reality returned for just a flash - only long enough for him to confirm that the previous and ensuing sensations were definitely not normal.

And the feeling of instability returned seamlessly... Fuck.

There was no spiralling, no consistent direction in which his world floated. If he turned to his left, the world rocked to the left. If he turned to the right, the world turned to the right, after a slight delay, with him.

He lay in bed for a while. Fine. Some music would be nice. He flipped onto his side to hit SLEEP on the clock-radio.... Woosh... the world rocked severely by 90deg. Oops. Slowly does it boy, take your time.

A few more SLOW movements into a comfortable position... and the music plays softly... ... ...

He woke up. It was still only 11:30. Maybe the music had stopped.

He instantaneously recognised that the vertigo had gone. He sat up. He was fine, his perception back to normal... Off to the toilet again and no problem with the floor twisting underneath him, with the world doing a shaky-cam.

It had lasted about two hours. Two hours in a liquid universe.

Spooky, mystic, weird.


(Already antibiotics for the chest, so no point yet in seeing a Dr about this. Unless it returns.)


savannah said...

you scare me with all of this self diagnostic behavior! go see a damn doctor, sugar! i swear, you and my husband! did i miss y'all medical school graduations?

expat@large said...

Sav: but I saw Dr Wikipaedia! Plus my mum gets it all the time. Don't worry, Eat snot a TOOmah!

Creepy said...

Sounds horrific. Both my father and sister suffer from it now and then. Good thing I'm adopted. But it couldn't hurt to go see a doctor just to be safe.

expat@large said...

Creepy: don;t panic 'm fine. I spoke to GP on the phone, she said what I said, that I'm already on antibiotics, so hey!? Can't be a ba-ad infection as my recent blood tests were clear for ^white cells.

Lost in Melbourne said...

Eat a steak, you could be a little down on the iron levels

expat@large said...

Scott: Mmmm-mmmm, Wooloomooloo in Wanchai, the filet mignon with five pepper sauce, washed down by a Merrill's 2002 shiraz 2.5 years in American or French oak... I feel GOOOO-ooood!

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