Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Max Keiser Next CEO @ Goldman-Sachs?

That's the rumour...

Maybe not...

No, definitely not.


"That's like saying it's too late for honesty, it's too late for integrity, it's too late for civilization."

Gotta love Max, because we know he's SO right, these G-S guys ARE scum, are CROOKS, are financial terrorists and yes they should be prosecuted... yet he delivers the bad news SO well, that somehow he gets away with it! He's so eccentric that he's the most sane person commenting on economy in the world.

As for the French guy's idea of a global mega-IMF - well fuck that. That's always the answer. The world biggest bank has failed us (and the 3rd world)(repeatedly) because IT'S NOT BIG ENOUGH?

For as you know, E@L thinks the whole financial system is flawed at a deep, intrinsic level. As the French guy correctly says, if the financial world doesn't reflect the real world, it must be totally fucked. (Or words to that effect.)


(yes, in a YouTube state of mind. Hat tip (oops, not with a motorcycle helmet) to Friskodude.)


Momentary Madness said...

Love Max Keiser.
You see, the same thing comes up every time, what would happen it you let them fail, which means the more powerful you are the more you can break the law, and you can not allow this kind of system to continue.
What’s with Madoff? I bet he was given a comfortable prison deal to keep his mouth shut. Is it not incredible he is not helping out federal authorities, and more arrests are not being made.
What is wrong with us for god sake, are we stupid.
Again we see the topic of how much the bail out is really going to cost.
Let us get motional like Max. Get Fucking Angry you have a right to.

Dick Headley said...

'....America has allowed it to happen...' that's the bottom line for me.

Unknown said...

The same basal impulse that makes mega-financial companies crooks is the same one that leads politicians and their supporters into invading other countries. The GSes of the world know that governments are afraid to let them fail and so they can continue to be greedy pricks with no, as they say, down side.

Likewise those who beat the war drums the hardest are the ones least likely to be affected by the war. The U.S. doesn't have mandatory service and that has bred a similar feeling of consequences be damned someone else can pay the bill.

If we really wanted to turn things around we'd let the banks fail and the U.S. would require every child at age 18 to do two years mandatory service. Both would go a long way towards curbing that "risk? What risk?" attitude that's got us buggered good and right.

expat@large said...

MM: if they fail, something else would take their place. If global capitalism fails, something else will take its place. The world will not end, unless your part of the luxury yacht and Lear-jet type industries, in which case >BBBLLLlllllllrrr (blows raspberry).

DH: and for most of us - well not all of America, just those parts that have anything to do with Wall St. Lets get back to the days when "trading oranges" meant you had bring a sack with you - to carry oranges, not cash earned going short on the derivatives of market loans for the orange industry. And no, I don't mean selling orange juice on the corner.

Jay: if they can get away with it, they'll do it. It's not illegal if it hasn't existed long enough for laws to be formed about it, or if you can change the laws or the definitions of the law so that it doesn't apply in thisyour case, or if no-one catches you, or if they don't have the power to do anything about it even if they DO catch you red-handed, hand in the till... then someone will do it.

We are dealing with extremes on the bell-curve of morality here.

Lost in Melbourne said...

Interestingly enough, can you remember where the leader of the federal opposition in Australia worked in his banking days?

Yes that's right, Goldman Sachs!

Lost in Melbourne said...

I think we have our own version of Goldman Sachs here, Macquarie Bank.

Lost in Melbourne said...

expat@large said...

Scott: very funny. I almost thought it was serious for the first few sentences...

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