Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smells Like Rickrolling...

Hat-tip to Chris Myrick, yet another blogger swallowed by Facebook, where I found his link to this.



Momentary Madness said...

someone told it all happening at facebook, I do believe it I do believe it's true.
On face book you may not get a lot of comments but you know your posts are popping up on your friends home-page every time you post.
What can I say it's a little les spacey, alone, or something like that.
With blogger you have to depend on idiots like me who have you on favorites, and drop in every now and then, and make nonsensical comments like this one.
Come to facebook, it’s just another blogger with a different face, and you don’t have to invite friends (real close ones) if you’re worried about privacy, that too is at your discretion on your settings.

savannah said...

talk about viral! i've now seen this vid 5 times in 2 days! xoxox

(and not on facebook!)

Dick Headley said...

That has put me in two minds. I like Nirvana and Rick Astley the Pacific Northwest and riding jeepneys round Manila.

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