Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ow, Toefucker!

I decided to make some guacamole with the one and half left over avocados from last night's salad and I chopped up a small chili to add some zest and three hours later I'm alone in the flat watching chick fliks on the TV (The Jane Austen Book Club) because I don't have to pretend to be a tough, smart, mature, world-weary innerlcheral as Izzy's not there watching and I go to wipe away a tear when Jimmy Smits turns up on the beach, and


and well that killed me for twenty minutes but I have to agree with the young bloke who goes along to read all those Austen books and ends up falling in lerve - any book by Ursula K. Le Guin is bound to be a bloody good read.


Arcade Fire are pretty good too - for some reason (Antichrist Television Blues) and Keep The Car Running are on repeat while I type this. Ah, I'm audio testing. I just rigged up a small ADC amp for my computer speakers... and nope. It's OK for headphones but way too boomy for the Bose tabletop speakers.

There is no image to this video (is that an oxymoron?) as all the other ones have crap sound - this is a post about E@L being a wanker audiophile after all, and besides the lead singer looks too much like the kid in the remake of Funny Games and that spooks me, 'cause remember, I'm in the house alone.

Speak of high tech... Next ventures:

a) the TV is dying again. It's not quite as bad as the previous failure, but the dark colors and shadows are going this digital 16-shade of shiny brown. Horrible. Can't think what it reminds me of. And as my mate is leaving Philips this week I've gotta rush an Old Boys purchase on Mate's Rates.

b) A new DVD/CD player is required that plays multiple discs and enhanced audiophile CDs as well as cheap BKK pirate discs. Because playing the iPod through the proper HiFi in lounge-room is god awful, though acceptable for parties... or for Izzy (xoxox).


Why the fuck am I telling you all this shite???????????????????????????



Lost in Melbourne said...

Speaking of the Chilli incident, I was camping with a mate many years ago and after chopping the Chilli he wander off to empty his bladder, when he got back to the camp he was turning red and emptied a few litres of water into his pants.

On the audiophile geek thing, I am still busy getting my own mp3 files up to speed in terms of quality (after your previous post). My amp has a direct USB interface, I was thinking about getting the optional ipod dock, but it sounds like it's not worth it from your comments.

Dick Headley said...

Speaking of reading have you read 'Callisto' by Torsten Krol?

expat@large said...

Scott: your buddy should have used normal yoghurt or sour cream (Sour cream? For some reason I couldn't think of the name but when I did, the words just seemed so weird and alien and unattractive. SOUR cream? Sounds yucky, but of course it's delicious with mex food). The chili only gets spread around by water, but is absorbed by fat containing fluids.

There is a new format for high fidelity listening from Audible which I use now. FLAC is lossless encoder and player for playing off your computer, but iTunes can encode at up to 320bps which is good enough. The iPod issue is the dynamic range compression. I was listening to the CD of Ludwig's Ninth the other night. No compression there. The soft bits are almost inaudible but still crystal clear, the loud bits will rattle the Hummell (long story, ended in divorce) off of your speakers!

And the bass tenor's long held bit at the end (Und frue-au-au-au-edenvolleren!" for nearly a minute), you can hear distinctly through the entire choir, amazing.

Even when played on a cheap CD player.

expat@large said...

Dick: no mate, should I have? Christ on a stick, haven't I got enough books? Now I'm going tp have to go hunting that up...

Lost in Melbourne said...

Phil out in the Wimmera for a week of climbing, with no fridge or esky. We did not have sour cream, yoghurt, or even turn'd milk. No joy in the pants department for my mate that evening. But I was fine!

I think I have said it before but you would have enjoyed being born into my family. With Dad designing studios and my older brother hand making the highest spec power amp and speakers possible for his uni studies you would have found plenty to keep you happy.

Dick Headley said...

I found it quite entertaining. Apparently he's a Queensland recluse.

expat@large said...

Scott: well all you can do is laugh at him in that case...

My old friend in radiography days, his brother was similarly a maker of fine speakers (won some award in the UK), but I was driving with a car stereo using speakers from an old TV cabinet just sitting on the back window ledge... Horrible sound, he would resally cringe.

DH: so I gather. BUt I'm having trouble with contrempory fiction, people keep publishing and I can't keep up with the newest book fashionistas... Reading the classics I skipped or dismissed when I was young: Hunger, Dr Zhivago... I am trying to steer clear of contemporary, partic contemporary American fiction, to redress an imbalance.

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