Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ear infection, sorted.

Back ache, lingering. Will I play golf in Chiang Mai tomorrow? Mmmm. Maybe Sunday.

Foot pain, status quo. The NEW new drug Remeron has a few side effects like drowsiness that kick in before the benefits do. Of course.

Only one hour on the internet card here in Le Meridien, cheers.



Unknown said...

Take Remeron about 90 minutes to an hour before going to bed and use the drowsiness to your advantage. Taking it during the day isn't advised for just that reason.

savannah said...

i hope you can get a round in before you leave. there's nothing like a new course to cheer the spirit! (i swear, sugar, the whole idea of paying for internet access in hotels really galls me!) xoxox

expat@large said...

Jay: sorted already. I'm only taking half at first anyway.

Sav: feet are bad today, but I've been in the gym doing stretches and also some swimming and back is good. I've they've a cart I'm set.

And yep, I'm writing this in an Internet Cafe across the road from the hotel.

Momentary Madness said...

all joking aside E@L does/did your jaw ache with the ear infection?
Sirdalude is a good relaxant without shutting down all the muscles.

expat@large said...

MomMad: no it did not affect my jaw. That sounds more like tooth or TMJ promblem. The tragus (the nippley bit at the front of the ear right over the hole) was very tender though.

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