Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why America Lost The War in Iraq



Stephen Folan said...

If they had bombed the Iraqi people with plasma televisions, fridges, mp3 players, nice furniture then maybe there would have been a better outcome.

Have the sheep joined the Axis of Evil or did we receive some secret intelligence that they were a secret cell in sheep's clothing.

There is bound to be a rational explanation

expat@large said...
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expat@large said...

H-G: all rational explanations of America in Iraq have been *bound* and gagged.

(typos fixed)

Dick Headley said...

Celine, Benjamin Buttons, 'good guys' blowing up some poor Iraqi're all over the place lately E@L. Good thing you threw in a rant about Singapore...some of us thought you'd lost the plot. :)

expat@large said...

There's a plot? I wouldn't recognize one if it was given me on a plate.

savannah said...

he blogged about celine dion?



Skippy-san said...

I should point out to you that we are"winning" in Iraq. My government told me so. All of my peers from my military days tell me so-then launch into a blistering critique of my morals and morality for daring to think differently.

We get to stay in Iraq for over eight years-what could possibly go wrong?

expat@large said...

Sav: yep, that's her on the front of the pirate boat singing "My Heart Will Explode..."

Skip: Vietnam, Iraq... should be getting used to it now. Be like Australia and celebrate your heroic defeats, a la ANZAC Day.

Momentary Madness said...

There was one time perhaps a moral dilemma, but now you know, you don’t have to agree with extremists to understand them.
Five years from now or less, Iraq will be more unstable than ever.

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