Monday, June 08, 2009


Green, morning. Blue, evening.

E@L, home from golf (front 9: don't ask, back 9: par, bogey, bogey, par putt lipped out!, thunderstorm from hell!) hadn't updated his pillbox. That was tonight's task, after a back-muscle relaxing hot bath (massage tomorrow night!). The new medication in there is Moclobemide, which plays around with the serotonin complex (similar to Prozac, Effexor and Cymbalta, but different - there is no re-uptake inhibition) and may add some pain relief after it kicks in [by diminishing synaptic transmissions]. The Cymbalta I was on last year actually WORKED (there was even one day I that was not aware of my feet at all!) but played havoc with my prostate and other things and was intolerable for more than a month. Dr Hilarious is hoping that as Moclobemide has hardly any side-effects (which means it probably will do nothing) I will tolerate it better and maybe get something of the same relief effects... who knows.

[Interestingly, Moclobemide can be mixed with DMT (the presumed NDE endogenous factor) to produce an artificial Ayahuasca, the infamous South American jungle juice!]

Anyway, the golf-back is spasming, need to lie down. Sleep.

Moclobemide is not available in USA if you are wondering why here's an anti-depressant that isn't blasted at you 24/7 on the self-medication home-pharmacy channel.


(Why the gratuitous Michael Caine quote? Pillar-boxes are the old letter boxes you see. Telephone kiosk, pillar box, pill-box. Geddit? No? Neither do I, now! Actually I half-remember Pillar boxes as being Dr Who style telephone booths, but I was wrong. Sigh.)


Lost in Melbourne said...

From the photo it just looks like a lot of confectionery. Are you sure you are not the ultimate placebo guinea pig for the Singapore medico's? Does any of it taste like Mentos?

Then again it could be the ingredients for Nanna's bean soup...

expat@large said...

They all taste like shit. My Nanna's bean soup used to have been soup. Yuck.

I am immune to placebos after overdosing on them as a poor student paying my way through RMIT as a paid volunteer for medical experiments.

I refer to my neurologist as Dr Hilarious, the psychiatrist who secretly gave LSD to suburban housewives in Pynchon's Crying of Lot 49"... I love that book!

Anonymous said...

Wait, did I spot some little blue pills? :D

Oh come one, you don't really need so many pills do you? Just go out there and get more sun, sand and booze. :P

expat@large said...

Dude: I take more pills than my 84 y.o. mum.

Most of them are (currently ineffective) to reduce these chronic foot and toe pains. There are a few posts in my old blog about this, too.

There's also some low-dose Lipitor (which I at first thought might be the culprit) and some BP medication for my encroaching metabolic syndrome...

Anonymous said...

ok. you need more holidays by the beach, that's what you need. :D

expat@large said...

Good point. I need to retire in Noosa Heads, soonest...

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