Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Jesus And A Gun

Abortion clinic manifestion of the risen Christ not really what the Doctor ordered... An oldie but a goldie, from The Onion.


And from Creepy, today's cartoon -


Also for your listening pleasure, how religious nutters can avoid becoming an abortion clinic killer: an interview with Richard Holloway, former Episcopal Prelate of Scotland, now an "after-religionist" (almost an atheist!) on ABC Australia. The book he is pushing is in front of me now - Between The Saint And The Monster.

Link to podcast page (not the file itself, don't panic). It's Sunday 31 May 2009, 2nd hour: a 21.5MB podcast.

"Interesting", my mum said. "You'd like it." No higher praise (of the podcast, not the book).



Indiana said...

So you are a MA huh?

expat@large said...

I need the hat.

*shuffles in cupboard*


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