Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shut Up And Go Shopping

Has Singapore realised the goal of western eschatological economic and political aims? Is Singapore the ultimate Western society, ironically placed right here in the Orient? Ruled by benign despotism as an anti-democratic free market, guided, thanks to the suppression of free-speech and self-censorship of brain-washed intellectuals, over-paid politicians and under-achieving journalists, by a propaganda machine (four pages on the Minister Mentor in Saturday's paper shaking hands with those who are prepared to meet him in Malaysia! Four!) that runs the media and is essentially urging everyone to just "shut up and go shopping"... (80% of all pages, including those showing photos or stories of the MM, consist of advertisements.)

To be cattle* with credit cards...

And everyone shuts up, and they go shopping.

Isn't this what every other world leadership really wants? To be in charge when the perfection of society means that the race is won? Can The Rapture be surely far away now?

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* No wonder the common theme of one major advertising company (an off-shot of the Government run "private" transport group) here is mindless cud-chewing cows.


Ooh, look, Eqyptian cotton 600TC sheets** are 50% off! Moo... Moo... Moove out of my way, beeaatch!

**OMG, how brilliantly comfortable!


Stephen Folan said...

I haven't read 'Black Mass' but 'Straw Dogs' and some others I have and I think he is one of the most interesting writes around.

On your other observation - we are all driven by some form of herd behaviour you just need to check the brand on your arm. The greedy consumer is one of the largest herds and graze like the bison of old on the American plains but there are plenty of others. If you're not a memeber of herd it is easier to pick you off.

Indiana said...

So the real question is...what did E@L go and buy today?

expat@large said...

H-G: it took a while to get into Black Mass because I didn't know WTF he was talking about at first... Then I twigged - ah the millenarianists!

Straw Dogs I haven't seen around here.

My arm? I haven't been branded. All my stuff comes from M&S - the only place with my size in Singapore.

What did I buy today? Books. Trick or Treatment by Simon Singh - the book that has got him in hot water wit the chiropractors. The Athiest's Way (Living Well Without Gods) by Eric Maisel - divine inspiration to buy it. And Japanese Phrases for Dummies - in Tokyo this week.

expat@large said...

20% at MPH in Novena. Ends today. Hurry. They have Clive Cussler.

Indiana said...

So did you indulge in his literary talent?

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