Friday, July 16, 2010


Must say I love this town. Then again, maybe it's the people I'm hanging with. Even if they are all from work, they're from all over the world and that's great for stories and crapping on.

That's right - a fresh audience for my tales of mis-adventure and buffoonery...

Meeting is keeping me fracking busy, so hence no posts for a while.

Ja mata! (Be careful how you pronounce that! The first 'a' should be long.)



Lost in Melbourne said...

Phil perhaps your first published book should be more down the path of Colonel Ken rather than the adventure of Bruce.

I love Tokyo too mate, not least for the scenery

expat@large said...

Had a few beers with Colonel Ken in Singapore some years ago after some book launch thing (through Izzy). I think he's cornerned the heartless expat bastard market...

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