Sunday, July 25, 2010

Remote Rap

Is it only back here in Australia that you have to do an elaborate overhead hip-hop rapper's manouevre with your arm to get a TV remote controller to work? Struggling with the concept of this. Why can't you just point it at your TV and the beast simply performs the function that you are attempting to infra-red at it without all the risk to your supraspinatus?

Or maybe it was through fighting to get their remote controllers to DO anything that the bellwethers of this style of musical performance were able firstly to discover and then to develop their admirable techniques?


p.s. imagine that there is a TV remote controller in this dude's hand. Or better yet imagine that I had Photoshop on this laptop so that I could PUT one there, pixel-wise.

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Stephen Folan said...

Reading John Buchan's 'The Three Hostages' at the moment. Despite its age and lack of political correctness he still is able to deliver a thriller that keeps going and going. The other one i have lined up is 'The Killing of the Tinkers' by Ken Bruen set in Galway. I read one of his a few months ago and it cleared away any notions of the Old Emerald Isle.

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