Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Kids

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Managed to convince the guy at New Edition in Freemantle to unhitch his held copy of Patti Smith's autobiographical story of her relationship with Ropert Mapplethorpe. He rang the person who'd ordered it and he didn't want it anymore (is there something I don't know?) so here it is in my hand.

Now what? Read it I guess. Getting the book was easy compared to this part...

Photo by Robert Mapplethorpe


She used to be with Sam... Sam... the actor, playright, bloody hell... Sam Shepherd. I hope there's something in this about their story too...


(I suppose most of you have already read this... Spike for certain.)



Dick Headley said...

Nice little book. Love story. Some good stuff on the Chelsea hotel. Sam Shepard came later.

expat@large said...

Dick: E@L is always impressed by your ability to remain about 100 books ahead of him. Perhaps if he read these books instead of just buying them? Holiday in Krabi coming up - may knock some more (books) off there.

Dick Headley said...

Read 'Solar' yet? Ian McEwan....kinda fun.

expat@large said...

DH: D'OH! Another one! (Confession: I haven't read any McEwan since that gruesome one in Berlin.)

Am enjoying "The Windup Girl"- an approachable sci-fi thriller set in Bangkok in a post-oil (depleted), post-food (genetically engineered viruses) future. Many parts of this imagined town look (ahem) remarkably like the klongs as they are now, and all the political pyrotechnics that we are so familiar with in Thailand are still there.

Calories are the currency, seed-banks are the Maguffin of farang spies, a SARS-like plaque is sweeping the city and the new level of the climate-changed ocean is threatening to breach the levees as the massive spring-worked pumps fail one by one...

Before it all collapses, *drumroll* will the hero get the (windup) girl?

Think William Gibson, Bladerunner and Al Gore.

Dick Headley said...

My money is on hero getting girl, miraculous escape from sinking city and a brand new live in a Manchester suburb.

expat@large said...

DH: A happy ending!!(ish)

Ah that's right, I also read 'On Chesil Beach'. Never been so depressed in my life. Fail to understand why someone would write such a novel, let alone why I read such a novel.

Dick Headley said...
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Dick Headley said...

McEwan does drone on sometimes. He lightens up a bit in 'Solar'.

On second thoughts I don't think you'll like the book but you'll have to read it to find out why.

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