Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For A Buddy

If an apology from you meant anything I'd accept it now with grace
But you and I both know its just a ploy for you to save some face
If you've had any self-respect you would turn yourself in for your crime

Every time you tell yourself its alright
Every time you go to sleep at night
Every time you tell yourself its alright
It just becomes a bigger lie
I hope that you can stand yourself tonight

(Compleat Lyrics here)


I know from medium/mild bitter experience that not all relationships last forever. But to see them splutter out in such acrimony makes me fume...

And when one of two people you like deserves a million times better than what he been slapped in the face with (a second time, not counting the accident of birth), and the other turns out to be something more like a rapid and vicious harpy than the sweet thing of the wittiest, driest humour you thought you knew... Aaaahrrrghhh!!!

Best to burn it out in loud music...


Speaking of loud music, while other petrol-heads are watching the last gasp of the oil-driven, noise-junkies, internal-combustion, mutual-orgasm culture of some VERY loud machines going round and round, guess who'll be at eco-friendly and recently refurbished town of Darwin to watch one of the final concerts of the above band?

And maybe he'll do some barramundi fishing in the tidal estuaries. Hey, rock music and fishing - maybe Creepy over @ The Church of Lost Souls would enjoy this trip!

And who is it says E@L that has never fished before? [photo to come of E@L with a tiny leatherjacket (one of three/four) he caught in the river at Ulladulla (this name is not a joke) back in... oh, maybe 1984.]


Tokyo travelogue to come.


Lost in Melbourne said...

A bad break up can be as bad as life gets. People can show you the very worst of what is inside them when the love is gone.

Luckily it's year gone past for me but 3 years in court gave me some lessons I would be stupid to ignore

expat@large said...

Scott: cannot comment too much as the second party might be listening, but my friend is the sweetest, nicest bloke. I've never met a person less deserving of this type of treatment. He's like, *scary* nice; he has equanimity up to here, patience up to here, intelligence beyond what you could imagine, love up to here and a dick that's ... ???

Yep, he's even a nicer guy than you (and you are a champ!), and he's so much a WAY better person than me.

Isabella said...

Is it the guilt that turns them into monsters?

expat@large said...

Iz: that may be true - beware a cornered animal.

Lost in Melbourne said...

Phil I am sorry to hear that he is such a nice man. I was a nice man when I started in the legal battle that directed a few wasted year and as a result I let myself get screwed because the other party was totally focussed on money while I was actually hoping to come to a reasonable outcome.

Iz I don't think it is just guilt, truth be told I was more guilty, perhaps there was a hope of vengence?

There is nothing reasonable about it though

As I said I am glad it was over years ago, but as you can tell, you never forget it, unless you are stupid and like to smash your head between 2 bricks

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