Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Well, That Shut Everybody Up

The universal confusion that has dumbfounded and shocked readers of this blog seems have arisen in awed response to the stream-of-consciousness prattle in the middle of E@L's previous post.

Don't panic, gentle reader. If you don't understand a word of it, join the club.

What the fuck was E@L thinking, inflicting that upon you? One of the exercises from the current favorite on-line and paperback writers workshop is to start writing/typing and not to stop until... you stop. And that, though not intended to be part of anything, was just an exercise. I promise, if I ever write a novel, that will not be the style.

Obviously (hah! to E@L anyway) the unreadable melange in this case was a mixture of Joyce, Flann O'Brien, Beckett and, um, more Beckett, reflecting my envy of respect for these Oirish blokes' genius. E@L was in an Irish mode thanks to those videos of The Waterboys and in unreliable narrator mode, Beckett's forte, thanks to reading a lot of Christopher Priest recently as well.

Influence. How to shake it?



HKMacs said...


expat@large said...


Stephen Folan said...

I went to a course and the woman just said 'get your head down and write a 1000 words a day - you can fix it later on'. I worked for about 15 days until, like my exercise regimes, I got a bit fed up. But like my exercise regime I will start again this week.

expat@large said...

Just back from one of my all too infrequent gym trips as well.

Sigh... It's all just too hard...

Momentary Madness said...

Stay away from those fellows. I nearly turned into a bicycle.
I haven't had a holiday in years. I just order the relevant postcards and sit in my room for a couple of weeks.
(The best journey is within)

Dick Headley said...

I enjoyed it.

Paula said...

So did I dh - very much.

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