Thursday, April 22, 2010

Unedited Vietnam

(From iPhone Notes)

Tri Than Trang Bong. Vietnam road sign.

Rice paper wraps enormous heaps of herbs they keep coming.

Getting comfortable in car? Cannot.

Why are we driving at 35km/hr on country road? Ah... Everywhere along the road for 100km are villages conjoined into one long strip of impoverished, restful (hammocks) and yet suicidal motorcycle riding humanity. 

Mattress on back of motorcycle, no time to take photo.

Graves in middle of rice paddies. (more in the North than in the South)

Girls, old women in horrible colours pant-suits,  pyjama style

Rows and rows maybe 50yds of large soft toys.  In Tay Ninh provence = mid-nowhere. WTF?

"Tough white noodle soup."

"Laydy's Fashion"

Furniture street in Hanoi, shop-ladies sitting silent, still, disconsolate on their glossy chairs, staring at nothing, waiting for customers that come only so often and not today.

Traffic chaos, insane density of motorcycles interweaving but not crashing, makes you believe in selfish altruism.

Sushi two nights in a row. WTF?



marke said...

Hey, I was due to be in Vietnam this week, but had a change of schedule!

Yes, as soon as you get out of HCMC (except that there really is no defining border - the roadside buildings go on forever) modern fashions don't predominate- everywhere you see those strangely floral, oh-so-Vietnamese pant suits.

But the food is great usually, I've never tried sushi in Vietnam. (But sushi is my meal of choice in the Philippines, where local cuisine does, um.... not quite manage the subtlety of flavour found in most of SE Asia)

expat@large said...

Marke: I am travelling with two Japanese who are notoriously difficult to please when it comes to food. I only get the food *I* like in small family-run restaurants out on those roads...

And yes, there is a reason Philippino food has not taken the world by storm.

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