Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid Does - Redux

This time it's not me who is stupid.


After a riot in Batam island (where I often play golf) in which buildings and dozens of cars were destroyed, people injured and executives of a boat company beseiged by a mob of 5,000 angry Indonesians workers that required 400 riot police to quell, the local cops are about the charge Indian expatriate who called the Indonesian workers "stupid" and set whole thing off.  He is accused  of  "emnity" towards Indonesia , a charge that that could bring a four seven year jail term. 

What I find interesting is that Police called the Indian executive the "mastermind" of the riot.


He certainly was not the person who organised and controlled the rioters, so who could be called the mastermind?  He may have instigated the riot by with his stupid remark (pun intended) but he was not the one who did the physical damage.

Meanwhile most of the violent rioters look like they are going to get away with destroying the company's property, attacking the other uninvolved execs injuring some of them, and smashing the faith of foreigners thinking of either investing in Indonesia or even playing golf there.

Surely the police have got this arse-about.  A snide remark means jail, but rampaging violence and putting people in fear of their lives and having to escape out the back to some boats that rescued them means "processing" some of them.

Who is being stupid here?   Without risking to go to jail next time I ferry over to play whack-fuck, I think people should reconsider whether the remark about being Indonesians being stupid is valid or not.   



anthony said...

So the question is now, are you still going to go there, spend your dollars and support this type of bullshit system of both government and law, or will you speak with your wallet?

expat@large said...

Anthony: lucky E@L is completely anonymous, eh? Except to the 15 people who read this ridiculous blog.

God knows I should be putting all those ideas in my head down for the novel instead... but where there is injustice and corruption, I'll be there. Where there is oppression of the little guy, I'll be there. Where there is racial slurring, um, I'll be hiding behind my anonymity!

savannah said...



expat@large said...

Sav: indeed.

marke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
expat@large said...

Markie Mark: everything comes down to baksheesh in that accursed land.

marke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
marke said...

No mate, not you, just me; ..... I started to create a discussion hinging on my initial cynical comment.....and didn't want that, because while I see the shortcomings of the place, I do like it, and the people.

They just tend to approach things in a very practical way, ... um, taking into account immediate personal financial and political advantages, and sometimes, as in this case, completely failing to see the bigger picture.

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