Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Marquis De Sade In The Tropics

First as tragedy, then as rubbish. One of the issues to deal with when you're living in a tropical island... molds, mildew and fungi.


Looks like there have been consequences of a spillage from the small ever-humming wine-fridge several months back.

Due to an oversupply, some of my books are resting directly on the floor, a step below the dining area where my wine-fridge sits. I (someone) had accidentally left the door of the fridge ajar and a considerable amount of condensation resulted. I mopped up the fridge but it looks like some water had trickled down over the step that I had missed.

I have preset the air-con to run two hours a day even when I'm not here to cut back on the humidity at bit so that it sits at around 40% or so, however that's not enough to prevent mould growing in a WET book.

A well-thumbed Juliette and well-thumbed Justine have all their pages stuck together (this time without prostaglandins as glue), Shakespeare is looking tragic, Nicola Barker's "Behindlings" is behind me now, Susan Sontag is going to have to write about mildew as a metaphor (not shown in photo), Roald Dahl has come to twisted end, The Great Labor Schism is not looking so great and, ironically, a tome on book-collecting, "Patience & Fortitude", not worth keeping. A terrifically interesting book on the plague has swollen up and died... (the rat > flea vector was only determined 100 years ago, in Hong Kong, by an independent researcher who couldn't get government funding or support.)

And I probably can't get a replacement for the de Sade in Singapore. Is it banned here? I think it is.

Twelve books are beyond saving. What's that? SGD$250- $300 or so.

Shit, damn.

At least this makes room for some other volumes currently sitting doubled on many of my other shelves.

Or no, perhaps I shouldn't stack books directly on the floor. I have no insurance.

Vote: replace the lost books or not?




expat@large said...

Sorry had to repost this entirely as I had accidentally (fucking Netbook has some arsehole shortcut keys I didn't know about) put it up without a title and it then went into the Blogger database as "blog-post".

The Management

anthony said...

Well I would vote for some retail therapy and just go and buy 250-300 worth of new books you have yet to read. :-)

Or maybe take the 250-300 and buy another bookcase?

Momentary Madness said...

I regret not learning how to read.
Happy Easter to you. I hope it brings new life.

expat@large said...

Anthony: I have Izzy's room back so I can reclaim one of my bookcase that has been in her room. But where to put it? I could rearrnage my bedroom, put the desk facing the window, but it is bad feng shui to have your back to the door, not to mention embarrassing if someone comes in when your viewing porn.

60% of my books I have yet to read. Including some that were eaten by the mould/mildew (what's the difference?)

If I spend $200 in one hit at PageOne I qualify for the Members Card - 10% discount on future purchases. That could save me thousands per year.

MomMad: Lucky you can write/type then isn't it?

And new life? I sincerely hope not. I have been dutiful with suitable latex prophylactics. Mostly.

expat@large said...

Easter, yada yada. Happy spring!

savannah said...

how did i not leave a comment on this, sugar? my suggestion was and is: take a breath, don't do anything in a hasty manner. xoxoxox

ps. please come see my peeps cake!

Joanne Casey said...

I would agree, as an ex-hoarder, replace them with ones you haven't read!

Unknown said...

sell the lot and go the ebook route. storage (or relocation) will never be a problem again.

expat@large said...

Sav: you're talking to world's worst impulse buyer. I bought 37 impulses last week alone!

Joanne: probably what will happen

Muz: I go to Amazon and the types of books I look for say "Not Available on Kindle"

knobby said...

i vote not! read the ones you already have! as the sage once said, smaller is beautifuller.

Jude said...

wait. they sell Justine at pageone?
The library doesn't not hold this book. I'm tempted to purchase it from Amazon

expat@large said...

Knob: bought $200+ books at PageOne for the 10% membership card.

Princess: de Sade flew in from Melbourne.

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