Thursday, April 01, 2010

Emotional E@L? No Way!

Someone asked me if I was upset that Izzy has left. The answer is "Not at all."

For several reasons.

a) She hasn't left *me* as such - we were never emotionally involved. She has left the flat. The only needs she fulfilled for me were that there was security for the flat for all the times that I was away, and that I had someone intelligent, witty and opinionated(!) to talk with at home. It's OK things are underway to find a replacement. I have had five flatmates (and always a live-in maid, until The Mouse left) in my time in Asia. No big deal to get another nice person. Maybe one not so (in)famous this time?.

b) She has an excellent reason for leaving, one that I support 1200% - she has left Singapore! She is in search of more freedom - of thought and expression personally, politically, socially - she is in search of less judgemental people, of a greater opportunity for employment and, finally, to go better parties...

In fact rather than being upset, I am happy to see her take on the world, to increase the width and breadth of her experience amongst new people. People who have never experienced the claustrophobia of living in what is essentially a fascist state, however benign the tyrants.

More power to her! And it was a brave move considering she has zero money!


But if she needs a father figure, she can always Facebook me.



anthony said...

And while I understand all those reasons I call "bullshit". you will miss her, you will miss that her POV is not yours, you will miss her conversation and even her presence. So while you may love that she is chasing her path, you will miss her say else is to lie.

expat@large said...

Have another beer, Anthony. We non-drinkers* shouldn't have to put up with such rambling nonsense!

Anyway I didn't say I didn't LIKE her, sure I love her to bits - but my I love my previous flatmate from Hong Kong too (Hi Elly!) It was all cuddles and squeals and smiles there too when we met up at R7s last weekend! She's great but I only see once every few years. I am sure I'll be just as excited to see Izzy again whenever and wherever (who's up for a holiday in Amsterdam?). But after 12 years and 2,000 friends moving in and out of my life, I'm used to the transience of these types relationships. I'm saying it's the most brilliant lifestyle ever (comes close), but I understand why people have to move om and move around. It was nothing I said or did! She wasn't my girlfriend, she is my friend and now she lives somewhere else. I enjoyed the times we spent together, playing D&D and whatever - like rude scrabble.

So, in other words, you're right, I will miss her.

*Yes, April is the cruelest month if can't drink until the meds are over with!

Lost in Melbourne said...

I would love to be added to the list of potential flatmates, but I am going to try the Emerald city for a while them open the SEA office of my life later.
At least you would be able to get honest in house investment advice and the rest would be bad news, too much mischief I am sure you would lead astray an innocent Antipodean like myself.

Yes, better I just make the most of Sydney for now.

expat@large said...

Scott: the offers are coming in thick and fast! See you in Sydney then!

Lost in Melbourne said...

Phil I am sure that Sydney has seen the likes of us before. But when you are here we will make a damn good attempt at messing the place up

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