Sunday, February 28, 2010

People = Shit -- Richard Cheese



Can't get a real video of this... but even so, what a pisser!


Nothing personal.



savannah said...

bless your heart, that's a toe tapping tune, sugar! xoxoxox

Istvanski said...

I managed to download a few of Dick Cheese's cover songs when he had them on his MySpace site. It's genius! His cover of Slayer's War Ensemble is a sublime rendition.

expat@large said...

This one is my favorite; a) it really is a toe-tapping tune (they all are), b) it's message sometimes matches my outlook on life, particularly when people crowd around the buffet toaster!

No 1 son gave me about 150 of his songs from a series of his albums: Apertif For Destruction, Dick At Night, I'd Like A Virgin, Lounge Against the Machine, Silent Nightclub (Xmas songs), Sunny Side Of The Moon, Tuxicity...


Stephen Folan said...

Have a look at 'Gentlemam Rhymer' and his chap hop approach.

Alan said...

I'd go one better: shit is the best part. (not all naturally)

Dick Headley said...

I must take a closer look at this Cheese. Dick.

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