Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beach Books

I spend more time deciding which books to bring on each holiday than I did studying for my Year 12 examinations. My teachers will confirm that I am not joking.

For Kata beach in Phuket, starting tomorrow, let's be realistic. There's no point in bringing more than three from this short list of six seven eight nine, some of which you might be shocked to see that I haven't read slash finished:

More about The Garden of Last DaysMore about Tree of SmokeMore about OblivionMore about The Queen's GambitMore about Inherent ViceMore about Trouble on Triton
I won't decide till the last minute, probably throw all of them in my backpack anyway, rush out to the taxi, forgetting my passport, or my sunglasses, or my keys, or my golf clubs, or my viagra/cialis. No, not that last one, already packed.


Mmm. Just noticed that they're all American authors. Need some others voices in there as well.

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Indiana said...

Be realistic. You are not going to have any time to read at all...and if you do it will be spent in a state that includes a pounding head, groaning and trying not to focus on words but rather not throwing up... are going to Thailand so you can be killed by a friend not so you can read. ~grin~

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