Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bump Dick In Bang Kok

Bumped into Internet wünderkind Dick Headley, of all people, here in BKK - he stills seems quite a nice (and clever) guy despite the enourmous drop in his blog's popularity compared to E@L's! They say that Internet stalkers people are often complete wankers, but E@L has had only met nice people so far through this blog. (He has to say that, because chance are they are all reading this post (at least one would hope so!)) One wonders if the people he has meet think the same thing?

E@L thought it was Michael Caine wandering down Sukhomvit at first, a mistake often made according to the rumours, spread predominatly by Dick himself. OK not rumours: when last E@L and Dick met in Vancouver, oh so many years ago, they were disrupted by two girls eager for his autograph! Sir Michael Caine that is, not that relative nobody Dick Headley!

No idea what we talked about this time other than E@L's dramatically resurgent libido. Seriously, no girl within 4.5 inches is safe! Dick and E@L walked on from up near Nana down to Soi Cowboy where he was due to meet some old friends from his time here. Old BKK hands, aware of where to go and what to expect. Thanks to their experienced observations, E@L was able to see very early on that the bars in Soi Cowboy are much more flesh friendly than Nana, which has become rather prudish in the last few years. One of the guys was quite the history expert too, with some dramatic revelations about the true chain of events in the early years of the Thailand monarchy. For example, don't believe in the sophistication of that 'King and I' guy Rama 4 - when one of his 59 wives fell in love with some courtier, legend has it that both the offenders were beheaded. Charming; etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.


E@L ventured to ask Dick what his buddy Chuck Woww was up to, but he pretended not to know. We guess Chuck's literary aspirations have gone the way of E@L's. At least he does have several hundred copies of a REAL book sitting in one of those friends' places, while E@L merely has some scribbled plot diagrams in a notebook Mercer Machine gave him for his 50th.

Various girlie bars in Soi Cowboy were assessed and often found wanting. It was nothing to do with the prettiness of the girls as people were talking the whole time not watching those naked gorgeous girls gyrating on stage, but because happy hour had ended at one bar and not the others. After several stops, where E@L was frustrated with the typical "buy me drink" - "I go dancing" routine, the party eventually evaporated (sort of) at Thermae Coffee Shop, where E@L noted that there 80-100 girls lined up along the sides of the bar and no coffee was being drunk in any discernible quantities. Well, at least those other guys (including Dick) went home; E@L wandered down for another hamburger at Nana, and found somewhere suitable for a nightcap on a sidewalk bar just outside his hotel... where he managed to win 7 against 4 in Connect4! Not up to Dr Dan's standards but good enough.


BTW grab Standard Deviations, if you can.



savannah said...

are there pictures of all y'all together, sugar? ;~D xoxox

expat@large said...

Sav: not a photo friendly group of blokes. Too many nekkid girls in the background and anyway; like we need to provide evidence for the eventual character assassinations...

Actually Sav, we didn't think to take a photo. Dick DOES look a bit like Michael Caine. From a distance, with his back turned. I look like one of those baby elephants on Sukhomvit, touting for 20Bht bunches of bananas. Who wants photos of that?

savannah said...

tis to laugh, sugar! i would have loved to have seen the two of you together! you brought me into blogging and dh calls me marshmallow, how could i not adore all y'all? xoxoxo

expat@large said...

Cupcake: Dick gets sued by Michael Caine every time his picture is taken. It's a nightmare for the poor man.

savannah said...

*swooning* i haven't been called cupcake in ages! thanks, sugar! xoxox

knobby said...

From Amazon:

From Publishers Weekly
In the Asian economic surge of the late 1980s, deputy editor of Time Asia Greenfeld leaves his New York home in search of "a big life," as he calls it, of sex, drugs and a sense of purpose. But a funny thing happens on the way to fulfillment for this Asian-American Gen-Xer: in a small city near Tokyo, he lands an English-teaching job he detests and numbs his dissatisfaction with narcotic cough syrup. On a retreat for English teachers, he awakens from a drug-induced nap in the hot baths feeling cleansed, and musters the charm to pick up an Australian woman. Romance ensues, and it seems that Asia may be good for our hero after all. Greenfeld, though, looks his gift horse in the mouth as well as every other orifice and his book rapidly becomes a down-and-outer's tour of the bleakest side of Asia, replete with transsexual Thai hookers, con-man Indian swamis and lots of heroin and temporary intimacies. Greenfeld (Speed Tribes: Days and Nights with Japan's Next Generation), an excellent wordsmith, describes it all with cool precision: he's able to evoke a pristine beach, a dangerous rickshaw race or oral sex with a few direct sentences. But unlike Hunter S. Thompson or Henry Miller, he never seems to enjoy his transgressions. Ultimately, the book doesn't coalesce, despite Greenfeld's efforts to parallel his decline toward heroin addiction with the Asian economy's free fall. He offers unique glimpses into Asia and apparently frank self-revelation, but never fleshes out either theme. This title is to the reader what Asia was to Greenfeld: frequently entertaining, occasionally shocking, but a little short of substance.

From Library Journal
The deputy editor of Time Asia and author of Speed Tribes: Days and Nights with Japan's Next Generation, Greenfeld has written an unusual travel memoir that details his meanderings in the major cities of Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Nepal during the 1980s and 1990s. The reader is spared historical and cultural background and is instead invited to delight in adolescent descriptions of Greenfeld's sexual pursuits and self-exploration. Apparently, commentary or perceptions on the diverse Asian economic and political tapestry would have been too enlightening, so instead he is more inclined to extol the stupefying array of intoxicants, from alcohol to codeine-laced cough syrup, that he ingested to get high throughout his tour. This hedonistic, pseudo-bohemian journey could have been informative and instructive were it not so self-indulgent. An optional purchase. Lonnie Weatherby, McGill Univ Lib., Montreal


JP said...

Just last week I was reminiscing with a friend about the Nana burgers. soooo goooood (though it's usually after about 10 singhas so it's difficult to know for sure)

Dick Headley said...

Ah there you are/were. A very comprehensive report of our meeting. It was fun. I haven't checked my blog lately....been taking pictures of baby elephants in Chiang Mai. It's fascinating watching them work the tourists.....they seem to have a natural instinct for it.

Momentary Madness said...

I’m suffering from Crystal Swing syndrome- doc says to stay away from videos.

expat@large said...

JP: nana num num

DH: indeed.

MM: again?

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