Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The hassles I had in Hong Kong with the service to my iPhone last week were, I thought, due to battling Telcos sending out blocking messages. I couldn't get 3G at all and frequently No Service either! Arse.

Then when I landed in Singapore, the same problems seemed to have come along, perhaps in the seat pocket in front of me. No Service all the way home in the taxi and obviously then, no 3G for me to get my urgent Facebook updates through.

I had placed the iPhone in Airplane Mode when I got on, not turned it off completely, as I wanted to watch some porn listen to some music of my own choosing during the flight.

What to do? Thinks. Has this ever happened before? MMm. Yes. Solution. Turn iPhone completely off. Wait. Turn iPhone on...

iPhone Fixed. No doubt if I had thought of this manoeuvre in Hong Kong, it would been fixed there as well. So much for conspiracy theories involving Li Ka Shing and his cronies.


Whopping headache this morning after DanE's send off to Sydney. E@L thinks he banged knuckles farewell about 2am in the dreaded FHM bar in OT, all of us having been swarmed over by the fire-ant Filipanas - and we were all stung pretty badly.

A nice hot cup of Kopi, with Kaya butter toast (order not mixed up!), seems to have cleared most of it - brain fixed.


But if last night's assault wasn't bad enough, DanO and E@L are off on an Action-Adventure in Phuket for Chinese New Year. We are staying clear (mostly) of the incredibly annoying hawkers and rip-off tuk-tuk drivers in Patong, but hiding down south by the quiet beach of Kata.

Laying books over our faces in the morning sun as we sleep off the night before no doubt. Also sitting in crowded speedboats for hours on end to get to the crystal waters of the Similans or Ko Phi-Phi, as we blister up on erythema-doses of ultraviolet and nibble on small pineapple jam biscuits. Golf too, though nothing is yet booked at Loch Palm - Blue Canyon just seems a rip-off to me. Girlie bars Quiet conversations with the inhabitants of the area...

E@L can see it all... because he's done it about 100 times already - holiday fixed.



DanPloy said...

'...nibble on small pineapple jam biscuits'

I love those too. I always have a couple of buckets full of them in the house.

Spike said...

why did you change to just partial content for your rss feed?

expat@large said...

DP: num num num...

Spike: Because... Sorry.

DanPloy said...

'DP: num num num...'

Soon to be nom, nom, nom eh?

expat@large said...

Nom, Nit, Noi, Pla, etc...

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