Sunday, March 13, 2011


Shocked by this terrible tragedy of the earthquake (now upgraded to 9.0) and tsunami - a real one-two punch as one commentator said. Of course it is not geologically surprising, and in fact was predicted due to recent activity in the tectonic plates in the region. I am sure you have seen plenty of amazing footage of the disaster on TV or on the internet, so I won't add to your tragedy overload with more videos or images.

We can only hope that many of the 10,000 missing are found alive.


Also it would disastrous if any of the nuclear power stations at risk go into meltdown! That would be a three-punch beyond belief! We don't need any more Chernobyls!


The Japanese company I work for, which has offices in Ome, Mitaka and Nagano, has suffered no damage and no-one has been injured according to reports from our bosses.

Part of our company also makes radiation dosage and monitoring equipment, so some of those Geiger-counter type things you are seeing on the news could be ours (not that this is important in the scheme of things, just thought I'd mention it).



Joanne Casey said...

Such a scary time for Japan

Unknown said...

How prescient of you.
3rd punch: Impending Nuclear meltdown
4th punch: Sub zero temperatures.
5th punch: Japan disaster recovery services slow to ramp up. But the so called experts also said that about Hurricane Katrina, Gulf Oil spill and floods in Qld.

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