Friday, March 11, 2011

Communism or Taxi-Driver - You Be The Judge!

Just had to steal this and give it a local flavour.


Driving habits of communists [taxi-drivers], according to J. Edgar Hoover:

- Driving alternately at high and low rates of speed. [Singapore taxi-driver]

- Entering a heavily traveled intersection on a yellow light, hoping to lose any follower or cause an accident. [Singapore taxi-driver!]

- Turning corners at high rates of speed and stopping abruptly. [Singapore taxi-driver!]

- Suddenly leaving a car and walking hurriedly down a one-way street in the direction in which vehicle traffic is prohibited. [Beijing or Mumbai taxi-driver going for a piss! No, actually they just stand next to the car.]

- Entering a dark street in a residential area at night, making a sharp U-turn, cutting into a side alley, and extinguishing the car’s lights. [Hong Kong tax-driver about to rape their female passenger!]

- Driving to a rural area, taking a long walk in a field, then having another car meet them. [see previous!]

- Waiting until the last minute, then making a sharp left turn in front of oncoming traffic. [Singapore taxi-driver again!]

- Stopping at every filling station on the highway, walking around the car, always looking, then going on. [Yep, that's a communist alright! Or someone with a noisy wheel bearing.]


“Always there is the fear of being followed,” he wrote in Masters of Deceit (1958). “One Party couple registered at a motel, then the husband parked the car several miles away. He walked back and climbed through a side window. Maybe in this way he would conceal his next night’s lodging!” [Singapore tax-driver and second wife in Jurong!]


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