Tuesday, March 08, 2011

International Women's Day

Danny in drag. I was going to say he puts on the exact same expression with and without the dress, heels and wig, but then he only has one expression anyway - the 'I've over-exercised my jaw muscles' look.

Some interesting (as in bad) stats on females in the workplace in the voice-over by Dame Judy Dench (who hasn't done bad for herself, career-wise). And I am sure that for whatever is wrong in England, things are 2000 times worse for women in Asia.

However, I heard a quote on the BBC radio this morning: "Women wearing jeans and having a mobile phone does not mean they are free or liberated." Not sure this person meant in the way it sounds out of context, but...


via Exile On Moan St. (Thought I'd better acknowledge one once in a while.)



savannah said...

saw this yesterday. nicely done, but i really do wonder how he did the walk so well in those shoes, sugar! xoxox

p.s. thanks for the support and good wishes

expat@large said...

Hey Ms Sav: how did he do the walk in them heels? Same as how you get to Carnegie Hall - practice.

I've haven't checked, I'm sorry to say, but MITM is back home, yeah?

savannah said...

not yet, but he ain't in libya, so that's good. xoxoxo

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