Monday, March 21, 2011

A Crazy Mixed Up World

... like my last post.

I have put in three different themes there. Apologies if the argument was not coherent.


However, this puts the modern Harem into context...

From the tragic but affirming BBC TV series, Blood Sweat and Takeaways. Think I've put it before, but worth another look.

I don't know how many times I heard the specious justifications from the guy at the end. Wrong, man, WRONG.


One the books I really like that fictionalizes the story of these sex-workers is Bjorn Turmann's 'Good Daughter'. The website is down, but you might find a copy still in a few Asia Books stores in BKK.



Dick Headley said...

Where would the TV documentary business be without the 'Bangkok sex district'?

Tom said...

Haven't seen you link to that before. Interesting line at the end: "it's all about the food industry".

expat@large said...

Maybe it was FB. That comment makes a lot of sense in the context of the whole series. I think it's playing again at the moment. AFC?

Skippy-san said...

Hey, I understood your last post perfectly.

But then I am a guy getting older-but still likes to have sex.

(Make that needs to get laid!)

Skippy-san said...

The last guy is a moron. As soon as he saw a crowd of Gaijin women-move along, quickly! Didn't he ever read Charisma Man.

Focus on the mission at hand! And its not trying to win arguments with Gaijin women.

Guy probably watches Fox News back in the states and reads Michele Malkin.

Momentary Madness said...

Sex sells everything and sex kills.

dibabear said...

That jackwagon is probably a Republican. Everything is supply and demand to those ass wipes. The only reason he was probably in Thailand is because he wife is too tight arsed in bed worrying about the mortgage and the Mercedes.

Paula said...

That Yank was an absolute creep!!

He didn't want to know that women are not really into selling themselves for sex; that it is only the last resort for desperate survival!! Did he not get it that the sex worker was sobbing and saying she didn't want to do it, except to make money for her children? - that she really only wanted ONE man!

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