Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The End Of Blogging As We Know It

The joke used to be that if it wasn't for the New York Times, there's be nothing to blog about. Ha ha. I admit many of my posts have quoted or otherwise originated from NYT articles.

Those days are gone.

The NYT is now going to charge for full online, tablet and smartphones access

I realize it's not a king's ransom, but it is a royal pain in the arse. It'll cut into my allowance for porn subscriptions for one thing. I presume this applies to the online version of the International Herald Tribune as well, as many of the important NYT articles and commentaries are duplicated there. There will be limited free access, it says twenty articles, before you are asked to subscribe - and blocked for that session I guess.

Now I always try to grab the IHT at the breakfast buffet when I am travelling, as I am keen to do the sudoku puzzle catch up on the world'd disasters and the economic crashes that are bringing financial gurus and CEOs to the brink of multi-billionaire-dom as the poor people eat their babies' feet in order to survive the harsh winters. If I have time after all that righteous anger and soulful empathy perhaps I'll have a go at the sudoku puzzle.

And maybe, if I find an article to blog about or link to Facebook, I'll pop across to the digital version and get the link.


For example. This article.

And my comment on whether food colouring causes kids to go beserk?

Well, du'h! Didn't we kow that since the 60's?


Remember that the FDA is owned and operated by Big Food and Big Pharma.



expat@large said...

*I* don't but Bruces does- but only to several dozen of the *better* sites - and he tells me about them.

Momentary Madness said...

The BBC World News just – yesterday – became subscription. There’s nothing sacred anymore.

expat@large said...

MM: well nothing was every sacred, but the Beeb is also cutting services to Europe (some AM channels I think).

Sigh. I'll just have to make things up from now on...

Skippy-san said...

Well life is all about choices-so if its the NYT or porn, I choose porn! At least porn provides something for me.

dibabear said...

The IHT has news? And here I thought it was all fashion, lifestyles of the rich and sport.

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