Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Value of Nothing

Further to my previous post about how giving things like "smiles" and donating to worthy charities can make you a happier person, here's a book by Raj Patel (a friend of a friend actually) which says something along the same lines.

I love those books that tear at the 'greed' and 'selfishness' mantras of the last few decades. I grew up as a self-styled urban-hippy surfer, and all that stuff was just bullshit. There was hunting the waves, the intensely personal thrill of riding them, there was being cool. Any desire for flashy worldly goods, any competitiveness, any seriousness, made you automatically a profoundly undesirable dickhead and you were out.


Be stupid and buy it.



Indiana said...

Do you have the book?

Lost in Melbourne said...

Haha, was also going to ask if you have the book, perhaps you greed is for a never ending personal library. Wouldn't the better solution be for society to have an available copy to share at the public library and you can borrow that copy and return it later for others to share?

Now you are part of the marketing machine selling the book about not buying...

expat@large said...

The book is on Izzy's bed. Tom (Raj's friend) gave her a copy to give to me.

Sigh. That's the untouchable zone. The SciFi books on the shelves in her room are my territory however.

Momentary Madness said...

Is it possible people will bring about a change?
No! I don't think so, but a reality just might force a change.
I wish Obama would stand up and be a man, he might just be forced to as well to go against the grain.

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