Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old Sensations

If there was one song ever that could get my butt up and on the dance-floor it would have to be this classic! Youtube won't allow me to import the then amazing original video set in Prague (here it is in case you've forgotten), but this is the live version from Live Baby Live shot at Wembley in ?1987. (Fuck J.D. Fortune, btw.)

The scene of the crowd bopping en-masse to the music is pretty cliche now, but this was the first video that used this wide view to show the effect the music was having on everybody, or maybe it was because INXS was the first band in the world to make those people wanna ROCK like this!


Michael Hutchence grew up in Hong Kong of course, and the Hong Kong cover band 9th State (named for their 9th incarnation) used to play New Sensation in the F-stop bar in Lan Kwai Fong years ago, when I lived in Hong Kong. It's been gone for ages; the tiniest bar on the planet... they set the band on a beer-coaster by the door and let them just pump great music out onto the steep cobbled street and people just hung around, listening, drinking, moving on, or they started dancing. Britta, now my best buddy's wife, and I used to just love letting our hair down, metaphorically in my case, to this song.

The thrill of dancing like no-one was watching in this tiny bar remains one of the greatest sensations of my life.


Other than doing it again for the next umpteen years at the HK Rugby7s.

Which is why I am quickly posting this to warn everyone that I will be there again this year! Cathay Package has been purchased! Look out South Stand, look out The Tent, I'm on my way! This will make 12 out of 13 possible annual appearances. My first ever weekend in Hong Kong back in 1998 was indeed The 7s! I thought, Oh My Fucking God! Think Superbowl, non-stop for three days!

I missed last year for some work reasons, but I will be back...


I told you
That we could fly
'Cause we all have wings
But some of us don't know why...

Michael Hutchence


[p.s. I have an inside scoop on Mick's death, but I have to remain hush-hush.]


Unknown said...

Where there's a will there's a Sir Bob having a tug.

I was able to circumvent YouTube's pernicious address checking via an anonymous proxy.

Creepy said...

The song that I couldn't resist dancing to would be "Hey Ya" by Outkast. It's irresistable.

I was watching a broadcast of 1983's US Festival the other night and they featured a few songs by INXS. I forgot how talented a band they were, even if their music wasn't my cup of tea.

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