Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recommendations Needed

Is there anything else out there like the following three novels/novellas?

More about HungerMore about DownstreamMore about Notes from Underground

I crave more of the desperately poor, semi-psychotic, philosophical loner types - without stretching it as far as Westerns of course. You'd think in my ridiculously over-the-top library there would be something, yar? But nothing since Denis Johnson's "Jesus' Son" has come even close. Defying my New Year's resolution AGAIN of buying 1) nothing contemporary and 2) nothing American and decidedly 3) nothing contemporary American, I purchased Andre Dubus III "The Garden Of Last Days", set in a strip-club (why am I thinking of the movie Exotica?) and left it in the sushi restaurant tonight... What an idiot.

More about Jesus' SonMore about The Garden of Last Days



Indiana said...

You could just go back and see if it is still there?

expat@large said...

Yes, they had it!

savannah said...

no, but maybe you should try reading jane austen, sugar! *she said ever so sarcastically* xoxoxox

(seriously, i come to you for reading suggestions, darling! wish i could help.))

expat@large said...

Sav: I never even finished Pride and Prejudice, with or without zombies. I could tell what was going to happen about 15 pages into it. OK she's ironic and amusing and her language is quite spare - I think that's why she is still read; because she writes like your idea of how the modern (as opposed to the post-modern) novelist should sound, not from any genius with subtle plot or psychological character development. Puppets and Predetermined is my take on Austen.

Apart from that, no opinion.

Paula said...

How anyone could criticise the writings of Jane Austen is beyond me - I'm with you Savannah!

True love and romance (and subtlety) does not seem to be in the realms of E@L's comprehension -but we love him just the same of course (I think?)

Dick Headley said...

He's just playing hard to get Paula. It drives the women mad.

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