Monday, January 11, 2010

A Day At The Office - Twitter

From an anonymous Japanese German* Twit, freshly translated by E@L:


7:23: Woke feeling like crap warmed up.

8:17: Breakfast was real crap.

9:14: Faced with a whole pile of fresh crap at work this morning.

11:33: Boss asked how it was going. I gave him a shit-eating grin.

12:59: Crap food for lunch.

2:06: More of the same crap. Plus some new crap!

5:24: Nothing but crap all day.

[Video link deleted by Singapore MDA]

7:28: Note to self: Must quit this scat porno movie business.


* What is it with these Germans?


In Breaking News: people vomit whilst reading E@L's bog. I'm sorry I'll read that again, "E@L's blog".

(I thought it was funny: where would we be without toilet humour!)



expat@large said...

Came up with this in the taxi coming to work this morning...

savannah said...

joliday's over, sugar? xoxoxo

rockstar69 said...

You back at work already?????

Reading your bog?? It'd have to be in Braille!!

Istvanski said...

Does that mean that there really is more crap on Twitter than many care to admit?

Unknown said...

Well poop, the video link has been deleted by the all-knowing and all-seeing MDA. Well if that just doesn't suck ass. I'm sure if I search for it I'll find it floating about but I better not fart around.

And yeah, the Germans are fascinated by the product of the anal orifice. I have no idea why. Whenever I have a physical the doctor hands me this take home kit to sample my droppings for three days (faecal occult test). It's digusting. I *know* there have to be easier ways to do that.

Lost in Melbourne said...

How long till big brother Lee sends a party over to suggest you are not in keeping with the expectations of the Capitalist conformist state? Do you ever get paranoid about the monitoring?

expat@large said...

Yes, back in office *preparing* to squeeze four lectures tomorrow into the time for two.

Actually there was no video. That was what we in the scat industry call bullshit...

"What is it with these Germans?" is a line Cartman says in 'Bigger, Loinger and Uncut' - when Cartman's mom was shown in a Germans scheiße movie. My buddy married a German girl, and this was always the line we used when she did something unusual or unexpected (not scat) which was fairly often. Oh how we laughed.

marke said...

... had to comment simply because the 'word verification' was glaring at me from the bottom of the comments page;

"corse" !

... very apt, I thought.

Paula said...

In response to the last question on your post:-

Better off I think!

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