Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not Quiting My Day Job

...despite them sending me to Kuwait for a week. OK, so it's a BusinessClass flight on Emirates, not going to complain about that! But a) the flight leaves at 2:50AM - in the freaking morning! - and b) the schedule promises a tough 9am till 8pm most days, not counting pick-up, drive time etc... And then there's all that wide-ranging Kuwati food, which may or may not involve ten of tonnes of overcooked goat and/or lamb (who cares after day 3?) without any sauce, gravy or jus. Or even Nanna's Christmas Pickles [reminder to self - sneak in some Vegemite, for the breakfast toast].

And in my spare time, I'll work on my novel.

Actually in my spare time, I think I'll lie by the hotel pool and read about how to write a novel, as I normally do.


Two days after I come back, I'm off to RSNA in Chicago again. Jazz, blues, great food and freezing cold weather. No time to work on the novel there either.

So, no, I'm not thinking of giving up my day job any time at all.



savannah said...

when are you leaving? do i need to put together a list of restos, sights to see, things to do for you, sugar? ;-) xoxox

expat@large said...

It's my third time here, Sav. As you can tell from the next post, I've things wired!

Things to see? The Kuwait Towers? Whoopee!

I'll be carted around by the sales guys anyway.

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