Friday, November 28, 2008

Distaster. Disaster. Disaster Narrowly Averted

Bad things come in threes, people with attention deficit disorder often say before they move on...


Firstly. With Mumbai under attack, Bombay Burning, two of my friends have had to cancel business trips at the last minute. Erectile pilosity of their napes, sensations of dissociation, unreality. Freaking scary, move that attack back one week and they would have been there, right amongst it. Matt particularly; he's had his share of disasters, thank you - he's a tsunami survivor.


Secondly. My trip to Thailand in 10 days is also in doubt now as BOTH airports are shut down.


And the third great story which was about to rock Singapore to its foundation was that the VOI was at a record low for a while there at E@LGHQ. A quick scan of two nearby Cold Storage facilities failed to uncover any of the yeasty delight. Bad. Why is the amount of Vegemite in my house exponentially proportional to the number of jars on the supermarket shelves?

Luckily Iz found some at that Expat food place under Orchard Towers. Where all the tastiest purchases are made.



Isabella said...

Actually they also have it at my Uni. Which is really in the arse end of Singapore. There is always recourse to that. *shudder* Difficult times, difficult measures...

Indiana said...

No Vegemite!!! It's time you befriend someone at the Aussie Consulate and start getting it shipped in bulk.

savannah said...

are you still going to chicago, sugar? xoxox

rambeaux said...

hey, the before and after shots on the tsunami link are amazing...
How *did* the tsunami manage to build a whole second wing on the resort, yet cause so much destruction elsewhere?

expat@large said...

Sav: and here I am! Only one free night though.

Rambeaux: did you miss the lesson on the limits of "post hoc ergo propter hoc" reasoning?

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