Sunday, December 04, 2011

Warning To Us All

E@L can stop writing now. The Bludger tells it all.

It's probably best to start from here to get the background briefing or you could jump to his most recent trip - the one he regaled us with at lunch last week-end... There are few more posts to come.

The Bludger blogs of his trips to Vietnam in search of romance. He is most emphatically NOT a sex-tourist, you are thinking of E@L there, but just someone who met someone he liked and who seemed to like him and not surprisingly he wanted to follow up on that.

Here we have a beautiful country, fascinating culture, great food, welcoming people. What could possibly go wrong? Ah, that's right, she's just a poor girl from a poor family...


It's almost like The Bludger has been reading all the Expat misadventure books ever written (and E@L's blog) concerning the depths and dangers one's erect penis can drag one to in Asia, and then decided to follow the DON'T part of their advice, rather than the DO.

He's a good friend of E@L from the Sydney days, and he does not make things up. In this case he wouldn't have needed to.


E@L knows of several couples, friends of his, European and Asian, who have been in long and mutually loving relationships. He knows of dozens more who haven't, but hey.



DanPloy said...

Has he been heard from since 24th November?

expat@large said...

Well someone replied to me in FB today, so either Phuc has learned English very quickly and taken over his identity or he is OK.

Unknown said...

Help, help. I am locked in a Vietnamese fish farm and cannot escape.

expat@large said...

Bludge: That would be funny if it weren't so close to being true...

DanPloy said...

As long as you don't become fish food.

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