Thursday, December 22, 2011

Return Of Piss Of The Ghost Cat Story - The Exorcism!

The origin of the previously described mysterious noisome aromatic residue of a long dead tabby tom in the childhood bedroom of E@L has been sourced. Sleep easy one and all. It used to be that whenever (usually Christmas) E@L arrived from his sojourn in the Far Orient, he would be ensconced in this room and instantly his presence would stir the unmistakable stench of a crusty old cat intent on ensuring his domain was marked with a copious burst of pungent you-rine. Pee-you indeed! The fact that this tom had been long deceased - we are talking many, many years, like six, seven, eight - did little to diminish the olfactory memory of his attraction to E@L's den of repose.

E@L's maternal mother, frantic, embarrassed, had washed, aired, dry-cleaned and steam-cleaned every item in the room, failing one, the guilty party. A blue acrylic pseudo-lambswool blanket of which E@L would have considered obvious and of primary suspectivity. He had assumed that Mumsy would have attacked that item of his bedclothes first, or at least immediately after the doona (duvet) and its cover had proven innocent, but it was not so.

E@L's preferred option of sleeping in the third bedroom (that of his sole sibling) has become so entrenched that this was no longer a problem, and E@L leaves the room for his cousins when they come for Boxing Day - perhaps once they resented this usurping.

They have no cause any longer to complain. The long haunting of the piss of the ghost cat has finally ended. It has been exorcised.


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