Saturday, December 03, 2011

Don't Wake Me If I'm Busy!

E@L came out with this one just before lunch today. Even the boss thought it was funny.



DanPloy said...

In a 'clear your desk and don't darken these doors again' sort of funny way?

expat@large said...

They have a video of me snoring, laid back in my chair.

I really don't know why I am forced to sit in my office, soaking up my enormous paycheck when I could be sitting by the pool here at home, soaking up the enormous amount of rain we have had lately.

It costs me $25 taxi in the morning to get across Singapore to the office, $15 home every day. That could be much better spent on gins and tonic.

I once came in specially to claim a $90 expense tab! When I mentioned the incongruity of this, not in a peevish way, just for a laugh, boss gave me a nice raise. IKYN.

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