Friday, July 29, 2011

"... the fiscal crater in which Washington languishes was dug in enormous measure by an economic slow down that preceded [Obama] and by the tax cuts and military campaigns of [George W. Bush]."
Frank Bruni, International Herald Tribune, July 20th 2011. (and presumably the NYT)

Tax breaks for the rich and reduced benefits for the poor? Fair dinkum, are Republicans and the Tea-party extremists fucking crazy? All the evidence points to a resounding 'Yes'.

Fuck Hitler, someone should back in time and assassinate Ayn Rand. Or Leo Strauss. Or John Locke, or somebody.



savannah said...

it really is insane, sugar! *sigh* xoxoxoo

Skippy-san said...

Oh they are crazy all right. And to stick to their "principles" they propose to fuck me and a whole lot of other people over in terms of the value of our retirement funds and savings just to prove a point. I got in trouble for displaying my anger at these assholes before-but make no mistake about it, for Republicans-catastrophe is a feature not a bug.

dibabear said...

You'd think that those who make more would be willing to give up more (or at least as much as a percentage) than the rest because of their good fortune. Oh wait, I forgot the whole "all mine" thing that the U.S. is famous for.

Crater? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Skippy-san said...

Not in the US. We have a whole subset here who believe that if you desire to collect benefits you have paid into your whole life-then you are a "moocher". It's one reason so many lies have traction with the fat and stupid.

expat@large said...

Hang on, I'm looking up "Protestant work ethic" and "Calvinism" in the Wikipaedia...

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