Saturday, July 02, 2011

Reality Bytes

Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse.


If he had known he was going to live this long, E@L would have looked after himself better last night.



Bloody Zynga have taken away Android Honeycomb support. E@L had about ten games going on his Motorola XOOM when it locked up and kept demanding an upgrade, and then the Market said his product was not supported. Bummer. He's sitting here at Spinellis with nothing to do but get depressed. And eat.



E@L was confronted by Bruce last night at about 2:30am in The Living Room @ The Marriott. Bruce became quite heated about the direction of his (E@L's) life, and his skill at, passion for and dedication to taking it way frackin' easy.

"Challenge yourself, use that brain, see how far you can go with your talents and knowledge. You never have truly succeeded until you have failed."

Blah, blah. Chill, dude. E@L challenged him back about his suckered-in capitalist view of personal fulfillment Such success, they brainwash you, can only come by working hard for a company that convinces you to kill yourself for them in order to attain this sense of achievement but doesn't give a fuck about you and will dump you in a heartbeat if it will save them some short-term expense.

It's the old story business advisor who goes to chilled out stall-owner who works just hard enough to make just enough money: he lies in the sun when he wants to, he plays with his family. Business advisor tries to convince him to buy more stalls, hire staff, set up a bigger company, get a factory, list on the stock exchange, get rich, so that when he retires at 80 he can lie in the sun when he wants to and play with his family.

Besides, the loss of Words With Friends is going to make such an effort to achieve, and succeed or fail even harder.



E@L has missed the boat with his lady from a few posts ago. She is already in a "complicated" relationship, according to a Facebook spy. Hey, E@L can be complicated!



dibabear said...

Nah, "it's complicated" is FB speak for her relationship not being on a good footing. Or a way to keep FB playboys at bay when she's really single. Don't hide behind the The absolute worst she will say is "no". If she says anything worse consider yourself fortunate for having avoided her. And if she says "yes" you may actually enjoy it.

Sheesh Phil...get on with it!

knobby said...

Wot dibabear said. And have you considered that YOU might be the complication? Don't tell anyone but no one knows how a woman thinks, often not even herself, so just try laaaa

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